Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I want horse hair!

Last week I gave myself a relaxer for the first time in months (since November) and, le sigh, how disappointing! While my hair is about 1.5 inches longer, it is shedding and my edges? Non-existent. Umm, yeah, so the vanity in me made me finally push back from the wedding planning to go scour the internet and find out what the heck I can do about this...scarce brillo pad that I call hair.

I ran across a site that I visit from time to time called the Long Hair Care Forum. The first product I run into is called Mega-Tek, and it's a wrap! I'm seeing pages and pages of entries from women who have used this product and within weeks their hair is flowing! Ok, maybe that's a stretch, but they at least have an inch growth in a month in places where they didn't have any hair at all. And this, people, makes me a believer! I immediately researched where to buy the conditioner, and dagnabbit, for $30 it better work! It seems that this is along the same lines as the horse and tail shampoo that was so popular years ago, but that did nothing for me. It's mainly used for horses, but states on the bottle that it is safe for humans too. I'll try anything not to have Brandy (the singer) edges. Seriously, I hate hate HATE to see Black women walking around without any edges! Myself included, and I am well on my way. No more. No more micro braids, or tight ponytails. I'm stretching my relaxers, and I'm committed to healthy hair in 09.

So my bottle of mega-tek arrived on Monday and I immediately got to work. I was literally salivating at work waiting for 5p.m. to come so I could attack my hair. First I co-washed my hair with an Olive Oil conditioner. Then I parted my hair in small sections and applied the Mega-Tek to my scalp,being careful not to apply it to my hair. I left it in for an hour, then washed it out and applied a deep conditioner. I DC'd for 45 minutes, then washed it out, braided my hair, and tied it up for the night. I'm wigging it from now until the wedding (June 20th). Tonight I applied mega-tek as well, and I plan to leave it in until Friday when I Co-wash again. I took pictures as well, so if I don't see some progress by April, I'mma have to find another route. Hey, I'm way open to suggestions!