Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No rest for the weary

The wedding shows lie to you. Brides lie to you. Don't be fooled. They make you think the whole wedding planning process is so fun, and you just have these little stressful moments, but it's nothing, just a little rain on your day. My issues are bigger than a rainy day (although the forecast calls for that too, but I'm talking to the almighty Jesus about that one).

Here it is, the eleventh hour, and I'm sitting here putting together programs. I don't think I've ever in life used a ruler/paper cutter/stapler as much as I have in the last 72 hours. So much to get done, and I'm only half-way there with how many days left??? Cleaning to prepare for family, looking under couch cushions for that all too elusive dollar, and basically just losing my mind. Thank God my day of coordinator is coming over tonight to help me put together programs, but I'm almost too anal to let her do that. It's horrible to be this possessive and anal! A perfectionist I am and what if everything isn't just right? I've worked way too hard for it to be!

Oh, and the worse part? Since I've started BC my darn aunt flo won't leave! I have cramps (not as bad as before the BC, but still!), I'm bloated, I'm irritable as hell (as if I needed help with that) and I would just like to blow everyone to bits! No, seriously...

And honestly? I'd like to smack the ish out of every bride I met before I was engaged. Dem bit... ahem...those females acted as if the wedding planning process was nothing but roses, and fun picking out patterns and decor, that their relationships were completely rock solid and they didn't argue with their fiances one bit during the process, except over the fact that he refuses to wear pink! While you're planning, your relationship doesn't stop, and stuff still comes up that makes you turn around and look at your fiance, imagining strangling their necks until their handsome little heads pop off...kind of like how I use to dismember barbie and ken...hmm....

Le sigh. Back to wedding work I go. I just stopped for a moment to have a little bytch fest because dangit! I deserve it!!