Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Product Review: Ecostyler

As summer approaches I've found myself wearing my hair out more and more. It's already too hot for any extra hair (aka wigs) to be on my head, so I needed to start finding products that worked for me. One of my big problems was that it was super duper hard to pull my hair into a pony tail. My edges wouldn't lay down and my head just looked like one big poof. So, I scoured the internet for something, ANYTHING that would work. That's when I stumbled upon Eco Styler Gel. My.hair.loves.it! This is my hair 3 days (yes, 3!) after using Eco styler:

This product is awesome! I never sleep with anything on my head (sorry, I just can't do it), so I'm really amazed my hair was laying down like it was 3 days later.

I co-washed my hair, applied a lot of leave-in conditioner, then applied the Eco styler gel. I had my hair separated into 4 sections, then I ran the gel through my strands with my finger tips.  I brushed my hair back, slapped on a ponytail holder, and went on about my business.
This gel does wonders. The greatest thing about it is that it does NOT dry hard. My hair wasn't crunchy or dry. The second greatest thing about this gel is that my edges remained slicked back, which my hair has never been able to do up to this point.

To top it all off i only paid $2.50 at the BSS for the gel. Cheap and it works? This is definitely a rockstar product!

Product: 10/10
Pricing: 10/10
Packaging: 10/10



Cocoprissy said...

Your hair is beautiful. I'm so glad that you are wearing it out more often.