Friday, November 19, 2010

A Taste of Heaven - Extended Calf Boots

I can honestly say that fewer things bother me more in the cold weather months than having to struggle to find cute extended calf boots. I don't know what makes shoe companies think that thick legged girls don't like high boots as well. I love them! And I would love a little more versatility, especially in color and heel height. Well, in order to make my Friday a little depressing I decided to go look yet once again for these boots that I just knew I wouldn't find, ESPECIALLY under $300 *rolls eyes*. Well, I don't know how I've been searching before, but today I went on and found a plethora of boots just for me! I should've known to keep checking zappos. They have even more than last year! Yes, there are other websites, but to me they are either overpriced, boring, or poorly made *cough*torrid*cough*. Anywho, these are some boots that are on my Santa Baby list: