Thursday, December 9, 2010

Trial & Error - Burt's Bees Hair Repair Shea & Grapefruit Deep Conditioner

The longer I'm natural the more I come to understand that learning about my hair in its natural state takes some serious patience. I've found products that my hair seemed to LOVE only to turn around and have it hate the same product two months later. That has been rather frustrating. How do I know my hair hated the product? Well it laid there feeling tough, not soft to the touch, like straw. It was not a good look and it felt God awful!

After speaking with some ladies in my social circle it finally dawned on me what the problem was - protein! Apparently my hair hates protein! Now, I wouldn't say I can't ever use protein again, but my hair doesn't hardly need it as much as someone elses may. Protein was making my hair feel harsh and disgusting. Everything I was using contained protein from my conditioners to my shampoo, heck, even my styling products contained protein. No wonder I was so baffled that products such as coconut oil did not work well on my hair when others sung their praises to it.

So, this week I pulled all of my products containing protein out of the cabinet and set it aside in a bag to give away. I was then left with...nothing...I had absolutely nothing left that didn't contain protein! So I had to make a mad dash for the store, and ended up picking up some Burt's Bees Shea & Grape Fruit Deep Conditioner. I literally just used it for the first time this morning, so take that for what it's worth.

The smell is great, I love it. It makes me believe my hair will be really clean and moisturized after using it. The feel of the product, however, left much to be desired for me. I need a heavy, creamy, luscious conditioner and...this wasn't it. It was a little thick, a little oily, but it was some how. I worked it into my hair leaving it in for about 5 minutes before rinsing. I lightly towel dried my hair before putting some jojoba oil on the ends, and I waited. I waited for something that didn't come. While my hair felt clean, it did NOT feel well conditioned. I was disappointed. I don't doubt that this product is great for someone elses hair, but for mine? It failed. I will probably hold on to it until I get to try one of the Suave products that I'm being promised has no oil or protein, but as soon as I find something else suitable, I'm ditching it.

The other thing I didn't really like was the price. I paid $8 for this product when I pay less than half that for Herbal Essences Hello Hydration and I get what seems like much more product! For me this goes down as another failed attempt at finding something my hair loves.

However, I must say that if your hair appreciates a lighter conditioner (lighter than what I'm looking for), this may very well work for you, so give it a go.