Tuesday, February 22, 2011

FOTD: Date Nite

When I was pregnant and exhausted, I tried my best to make sure that hubby and I had some alone, date night time while we could no matter what. I figured once the baby came the jigg is up and we would be stuck in the house looking at each other and the baby. Well the baby has come and flipped my life around, turning my days into nights and my nights into days, but we are blessed. Thank God for Godmothers! My daughters godmother was willing to come and watch baby Hannie for us one saturday night and we were finally able to go out on a date, dinner and dancing even! Of course there was no way I was going out without doing my makeup and as you all have probably guessed by now, pinks and purples make me feel sexy and sassy. I hope you enjoy the look!


Michelle @ Radiant Brown Beauty said...

Just found your blog through Modly Chic FFBF. Didn't see it before but I'm following you now :-)