Thursday, July 30, 2009

You're forever etched in my skin

I love tattoos. Since I was young I had a fascination with them. How could people love something so much that they are willing to seal it on their body forever? How could you get a tattoo of a big heart today and not be terribly sick of seeing it in 5 years?

That took me on a journey of looking at tattoo magazines, and the gazillion tattoo photo galleries that are online. It was then that I saw that not all tattoos were silly, but that some of them had very significant meanings to people, and some were just downright gorgeous! And that inspired me. It inspired me to get my own.

That was 9 years ago. Since that first tattoo (the cliche chinese characters (I know, I know) that say "moon child" something very special to me) I have gotten another just 4 years later (my guardian angel sitting on a crescent moon with my favorite bible verse underneath) and now, I'm looking to get my third. I was watching L.A. Ink when it dawned on me that hubby doesn't have a tattoo sooooooooo...why not get matching tattoos??? Last night I timidly asked him about it, as he is quite conservative, but to my surprise he said "ok, of what?" And now begins the journey to create a tattoo that represents the both of us. I'm so excited, and so happy he didn't hesitate on going on this journey with me.

Now I need ideas. What should the tattoo stem from? It can't be corney, or too big (it is his first afterall) and we've decided to have it in the same location on both of our bodies. Sweet! hmm, wish me luck. I'm off to do some brainstorming!