Sunday, January 3, 2010


As December closes and January begins we all have new promises that we make to ourselves for the next year. "I resolve to lose weight and help the needy." You know, something like that. Well, I for one don't make resolutions, I have goals instead. Those goals go on my vision board. However, this year I decided to do something in addition to a vision board - a 30x30 list.

I will turn 30 in December of 2010, and just like everyone else I have goals that I want to reach by the time I'm 30. No, it's not the cliche get married and have a baby (although I did accomplish one of things before 30 unexpectedly). The following list is comprised of some fun things, and some things that will make me stretch myself. One thing is for certain - I should never complain about being bored in 2010 lol. I'm posting these without explanation, although some of them are quite self explanatory. You will see me update this blog with what I've completed, and at that time I will explain why it was on my list in the first place.
  1. Travel to LA
  2. Attend a Lakers game
  3. Build Makeup portfolio with at least 5 professional photos
  4. Audition for one play
  5. Read all of the New Testament
  6. Travel to London
  7. Make 3 solid new friends
  8. Achieve a 4.0gpa
  9. Clean the Living Room/Kitchen/Bathroom once a week, bedrooms every other week
  10. Take 5 makeup classes
  11. Lose 30lbs.
  12. Create a logo
  13. Read 30 books
  14. Pledge a sorority
  15. Design 3 professional looking cakes
  16. Attend at least 10 events that I'm invited to
  17. Cook 30 new recipes
  18. Take 3 dance classes
  19. Run 3 miles
  20. Take a family picture
  21. Hold Netflix movies no more than 2 weeks at a time
  22. Create one piece of art - pottery
  23. Decorate for every single holiday
  24. Get my license *gulp*
  25. Go hiking
  26. Go camping
  27. Help at least 5 people in need
  28. Write at least 3 poems
  29. Fast at least 3 times
  30. Visit Martha's Vineyard
*Write J at least 5 love letters
*Learn to play an instrument