Friday, September 10, 2010

Dear Stylist of Gabourey Sidibe

My name is...well, that's not really important as I'm sure I'm a little nobody who isn't even a blip on your radar. However, I need you to listen real good. You set your girl up. You almost ALWAYS set her up. I know she's a big girl, heck, I am too, but for real? For real for real? *In my Antoine Dobson voice* You are so dumb, for real. In the time of lacefront wigs and weaveologist there is no reason for you to put her in a wig that reminds me of the little old women at church whose wigs slide around on top of their head. Like, for real. What a setup! You need to get FIRED for those shenanigans! I know you know better. Would you want to walk around with that wig on  your head? Well, not only did you have her walking around with it, you have her plastered on the cover of one of the most mainstream magazines ever with it on to be judged even more harshly by the people that already judge her. Le sigh. Stylist, this is a major #FAIL.

I also would like to point out that yes, I know you don't have as much access to plus size clothes as you would for the skinny minni's, but come on! I'm nowhere near a stylist, but in the time it takes you to find one dreadful, ghastly, too awful for words *my eyes! my eyes!* outfit for her, I could've found her at least 4 cute ones. Being plus sized is no reason to stick your client in whatever you get your hands on first. If you really cared about her (and your job) you would take time out to find her something she would feel comfortable in and look awesome in. It is possible for her to look awesome you know. Wait, you do know that right? You probably don't believe it, do you? *SMH* You're failing her, and you're making me choke on my own vomit. Just stop it already!

And Elle, really? You thought that was a hot shot? You thought that look was suitable for the cover of a magazine? Really? *side eye* Come on. Come oooonnnnnnnn. I know YOU know better.

I wish Gabourey much success, but you stylist? I wish you much growth and selectivity in styling your client.

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Simply Theresa said...

I sooo agree. I also can't believe that SHE thought that she look okay? For real? She always looks "old" in all of her clothing and makeup. Goodness, I like her and all, but she is doing NOTHING for the Big Girls of the World. I know, I know, she didn't sign-up to our official spokes person, but she has the platform so USE it!

End of Rant. Period.

TravelDiva said...

The minute I saw that I was rendered blind. Just a hot damn fonky fried mess.

And why didn't she speak up. SHE HAD TO KNOW..I hope.


Reina said...

Exactly! How could you not know that, that doesn't look good. I know there have to be other stars she looks up to. Does she see their hair looking like a hat? There's no way in the sweet name of baby Jesus they could've put that thing on my head and me smile and say "okay then". Ummm, yeah, no, ugh.

Anonymous said...

You said it all. I just had to step in to shake my head a little more. I just want somebody, ANYBODY, to help this young woman.

Simple Beauty said...

i wish i could slap everyone involved.