Friday, March 25, 2011


It was the Makeup Show in NYC May of 2010. I was a newbie and in awe that I was surrounded by so many different brands that my head was swimming. Suddenly a booth caught my eye. There were only a bazillion (real word, I swear!) people swarming around it. On the backdrop I saw the letters INGLOT. Inglot? Really? Why am I suppose to care about this company and better yet, why are there more people at their booth than saaayyy...MAC? MUFE? Well, I walk over and immediately I'm in tears. I was so excited! I was excited about the eyeshadows, but more than that, I was excited about the actual face products, something new for me! The foundation, powders, concealors, oh my! OMG, I heart Inglot so much and guess what? Finally Inglot is available online, oh yeah! You can shop Inglot online right now!



socialitedreams said...

i want inglot products sooo badly! they all seem divine and richly pigmented