Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No to Flowers, Yes to Bright Colors!

Spring is in the air indeed. I can tell because my allergies are driving me crazy. I itch, my eyes burn, my head aches, and my throat is scratchy. Yay! Not. So while the pollen is doing a number on me, fashion is doing it for me. Now just so we're clear, I'm no fashionista. Never claimed to be, never will claim to be. However, I am a girl that knows what she does and does not like and I know without a doubt that I abhor florals! It seems as if everyone wants to wear floral print as soon as spring hits and I don't understand why. Are the flowers that God gave you on this earth that bloom during spring not enough? Do you seriously have to compete with them? Because you lost on many fronts. Florals are ugly. uggglllyyy! Now I realize I may be one of the few that feel this way, but darnit! my feelings count too. Second, nature is a beast and will never be outdone so can we please please please leave the florals to, well, the flowers?

So as you can tell I'm not excited about floral prints this season, but I am excited about color! I wasn't even excited until I saw Katy Perry on the cover for Elle Magazine, March 2011 edition:

So being that I'm not a fashionista, I never would've guessed to put these colors together, like, ever, but boy do they make me haaapppyyy! Mentally I'm twirling around in a meadow swinging my skirt singing about how spring is in the air when I look at this picture. In fact, this book is on lounger in the middle of my living room simply because of the colors on the cover. I am happy indeed.

Happy spring everyone. I hope you find that one item or thing that makes it official for you and puts a smile on your face.



socialitedreams said...

i'm LOVING the color blocking trend this season :) i, like you, am not a huge florals fan, so it's great to see some spring trends that don't include wearing a garden!