Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We shouted, they listened. Thank you Forever 21!

As I was clearing out my inbox the other day, I saw something that made me squeal with delight! The store that I have been eyeing for years, but couldn't fit a thing they carried, announced to the world that they were going to start carrying a plus-size line. That's right, Forever 21 now carries clothing for the everyday fluffy, thickety thick, chickedy chunk woman, such as myself. Woohoo!!!

On May 1st Forever 21 launched their Faith 21 line for plus size mavens. Although the line isn't as extensive as the Forever 21 line, it does carry enough for full-figured women to get their summer look going. I think I must have bought atleast 5 dresses over the weekend!

My favorite would have to be the Contrast Brushstroke Dress. It's a flowy (yet non-matronly!), silky 3/4 sleeve knit dress that boasts a brushstroke print and a waist tie. It's not stiff, too big, or too long. It's just sexy enough where you can show a little leg, and just flowy enough where everyone can tell you have a shape, but all of the bumpy (actually, I call them chunky) areas are concealed perfectly. I can't wait to wear this to dinner during my upcoming honeymoon.

So, to my thick sistas, it looks like we are finally making some real headway. The fashion industry is listening to us, finally hearing that plus-size doesn't mean anti-sexy. Now go get your sexy on and give your summer wardrobe the jumpstart it needs!

Faith 21
Available in select stores and online
Fashions range from $13.80 - $24.80