Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Thicky-Thicks Girl Boudoir

When I began this wedding planning process, I had no idea that the bride and groom gave each other gifts. In fact, I didn't know a good 95% of things about weddings that I do now, thanks to the good ole knot. I wanted my gift to Mr. Habibty to be fantabulous, something he would never think of. I know he loves watches, and sports, smelling good, all that wonderful stuff, as do I, but...I wanted something that screamed Love, Sexy, and Romance. On my journey to discovering the perfect gift for him I kept running into the same thing over and over again - B-Pics. I was like, what da heck is a b-pic, and why would you want to give that to your FH? After doing hours of research (I tend to get lost in doing research on the internet instead of actually completing projects, but whatever, that's another entry for another day) I came to understand that b-pics stood for Boudoir Pictures.

Boudoir photos are sexy pictures you take for your FI, or heck, even just for yourself. They can be as racey or as innocent as you would like for them to be. Mostly I've seen ladies using lingerie, or pin-up girl clothing. I instantly fell in-love with the idea when I saw the photos! But...but...ummm, I'm not your average size boudoir photo taking girl...
I am a thicky thick girl, a plus-size beauty who has more than enough meat on her bones to feed the whole fam. Thunder thighs? Check! Donkey butt? Checkadee check! Big juggalicious boobs? You know it! lol. That makes it a little scary for someone like me to take boudoir pics, and expect a man to find this as an exciting and acceptable gift. But, this isn't any man. This is my Mr. Habibty who thinks I'm beautiful just the way I am. And I am no low-self-esteem woman. Nope. In fact, I'm the opposite. I have a very distorted view of myself lol. I know for a fact that I don't see myself the way society does. Wearing itty bitty lingeried with all this going on should scare me to death! But oddly enough, it doesn't. I just pray that the pictures match what my mind is telling me!

Anywho, here are the two outfits I picked to wear for my first boudoir session:

Ok, so my thinking is this. Both of these seem to highlight and accentuate my glorious boobs, while hiding, even minimizing my tummy. I figure I'll take a lot of shot lying down with the first one, and then more shots standing up in the second. I'm praying that this will work well. Oh, and here are the shoes I'll wear with them:

They will be in black though, of course! I'm praying this works out well for me. Jesus, if I spend all this money and this man hates it, I'mma just go sit in the middle of Mexico City and let everyone touch and cough on me. Ok, just kidding, but the sickening feeling I'll get will surely feel fluish.

And yes, I did say my first boudoir session, as in I'm doing two. The first one I'm doing is with Christi Austin, who does amazing work. The second session will be in June with Tait Boudoir. I lurve Tait's work, but fear that the pictures won't come back in time for the wedding, so I'm still going to do it, just betting on Christi's coming back on time.

I think for Tait's session I am going to wear a mens button down shirt with one of Mr. Habibty's ties, and some other "costumes". With her you can change into as many outfits as you want within the 2 hour time period, so I'm just going to try a bunch of different looks and have fun with it.

I hope that my photos will inspire other Thick, luscious, beautiful Brides to take boudoir pics and get that wedding night poppin! I can't wait!