Saturday, April 24, 2010

Go Nats! 30x30 Update

As those that have been reading me since the beginning of this year know, I turn 30 in December. I had several goals that I wanted to reach by the time I was 30, so I created a list. Every now and then as I accomplish something new, I want to see how far I have to go and boy, do I have a long way to go! Immediately after posting the list here and then on my personal diary site, I realized that some things that were on there were things I didn't want to accomplish any more for one reason or another. So, here is my updated, tweaked list and my experience last night.
Last night was fantabulous and I accomplished part of one goal. I went to a Nats game and had a great time!

Good times. What I observed about baseball games is that...people don't go to really watch the game. People come out to eat, drink, and talk to friends. It's completely laid back and chill and everyone had a fantabulous time. I loved it! I'm definitely going back!
Anywho, here's my list again, along with an update:
  • Travel to LA
  • Attend a Lakers game
  • Build Makeup portfolio with at least 5 professional photos
  • Audition for one play
  • Read all of the New Testament
  • Travel to London
  • Make 3 solid new friends - I've made one solid new friend thus far, woohoo! I'm loving it!
  • Achieve a 4.0gpa
  • Take 5 makeup classes
  • Lose 30lbs.
  • Create a logo - Done! What do you think?

  • Read 30 books - 2 down, 28 to go. The first was The Shack, which was a fantastic book! Definitely helped to build my relationship with God. The second was Wench. Loved it, but it has me feeling some kind of way. Will discuss in my book club tomorrow.
  • Pledge a sorority
  • Design 3 professional looking cakes
  • Attend at least 10 events that I'm invited to - so far I have attended 3. I'm on the right track. I'm "flaking" less and less these days.
  • Cook 30 new recipes - So far I've cooked 2. I need to step up my game! If you have any Recipes you want to share, please do!
  • Take 3 dance classes
  • Run 3 miles - Totally forgot this was on my list. How funny that I started working on this without even realizing it was one of my goals! I have half a mile down (pathetic indeed), but hey, I'm on my way.
  • Take a family picture
  • Watch at least 20 new, never seen before, Netflix movies - 4 down!
  • Create one piece of art - pottery
  • Go to at least one home game of each of DC's professional sports teams - 1 down, update above 
  • Get my license *gulp*
  • Go hiking
  • Go camping
  • Help at least 5 people in need
  • Write at least 3 poems
  • Fast at least 3 times - One time down, two more to go.
  • Attend the Makeup Show
  • Learn a new language
*Learn to play an instrument
*Write Jonathan at least 5 love letters

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Mistique said...

That logo is awesome lady!

Reina said...

Thanks luv!