Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is Your Foundation Light Enough to Brave the Summer Heat?

It's only April and it is already 91 degrees in our Nation's Capitol. Yesterday I received 4 emails all asking about the same thing...Foundation! Here's one:

It is hot and sticky outside and it is only April. Any ideas how I can sweatproof my foundation. I usually use Mac Select Foundation or Studio Fix. I need some coverage but not a ton. Any ideas to help me not look sweaty this summer? Thanks so much

The first step I would take would be to use a mattifier such as Murads Oil Control Mattifier under your foundation. Not only does it help your makeup to go on smoothly, but it also reduces the appearance of oil on your skin. Next I would consider switching up your foundation for the summer. Try Bobbie Brown's tinted moisturizer. It gives a nice light coverage and it's thin so it feels weightless on your face. Makeup Forever HD Foundation is another one that gives good coverage without feeling heavy. One could also simply add moisturizer to their current foundation, thinning it out a bit. If all else fails, try using Mehron's No Sweat Skin Prep. I sweat heavily on my forehead so I use this pretty much everyday. You can use it under and on top of your makeup. It won't stop you from sweating completely (like in 100 degree weather) but when you do sweat it will dry quicker and not ruin your makeup. I have not tried layering this product, but I am pretty sure that layering it would help, not hurt.

I hope this little bit of information was helpful to all of my readers. Your makeup can still look flawless through the summer (or apparently winter) heat.