Friday, May 21, 2010

Friend Friday: 10 Random Facts About Me

It's Friend Friday! This is part of a blogger group with Modly Chic. If you're a blogger that would like to participate, go to her blog for the details.

  1. My husband and I decided to celebrate our anniversary every month for the first year. Yesterday was our 11th month anniversary. Where does the time go??? 
  2. I'm suppose to be focused on weightloss but chocolate keeps holding me back. Today I had not 1 but 2 chocolate glazed donuts, le sigh. Glad I'm having broccoli and fish for dinner. #Don'tjudgeme.
  3. I already have my childrens names picked out and I'm super duper anal about not telling people what the names are.
  4. I dream of one day having my own makeup line simply so that I can make the bombest raspberry eyeshadow that man kind has ever seen. Yeah, my affair with any color that has even a hint of purple in it runs deep.
  5. I'm an only child. Times like this when moms is in the hospital makes that a hard thing to live with. Thank God for family and friends.
  6. After the age of 10 I refused to wear a dress except for special occasions/church/and the uniforms my catholic school forced us to wear. It was at the age of 10 that some old guy made an unnecessary comment about how sexy my legs were. Can you say grossed out? I can and did and refused to let that happen again. It's only been in the last 9 months that I've regained my power over that dirty old man, and thus I've fallen in love with dresses again.
  7. Technology does IT for me. I am a gadget whore and would own every single new gadget that came out if I could afford it.
  8. I wish I could live in NY for a season. Whenever I go up there I immediately feel more mature and focused. Suddenly I know exactly what my goals are and I walk with purpose. I could live with that feeling everyday for the rest of my life. 
  9. I fear being an old mother, but I don't feel like this is the right time to have kids. So much to do, so much to accomplish. However, Gods plan is always the plan I want to go with, so we'll see.
  10. I love to paint walls. It's very therapeutic for me. I once had a friend who I would talk to for hours on the phone about...paint lol. We would visit all of the paint stores online and come up with different color schemes. I had the best time doing that. I miss her, le sigh.


Chotto Coquette said...

Awww seriously? I used to do that in the early days with me + my husband. I think it was just a scheme I came up with to get more presents! :)

KT said...

Thanks for participating. These are great little tidbits.