Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Favorite Ladies Are Back!

Tonight thousands of ladies will get together with their girlfriends to head out to see the sassiest, most stylish film this year - Sex and the City II. I'm just about positive that alll of them are faced with the same dilemma that I am...what in the world to wear!?!? I won't let what happened to me last year happen to me again. Last year I was dressed "ok" as I headed to see the film in Georgetown, only to be met by hundreds of sleek, sexy ladies wearing their Prada best. Well...I don't have a Prada best, but darnit, I'm gonna be the best HG that I know how to be. Sad thing is, all I have picked out thus far is the dress:
I like it :~) It's my personality, my style (not one of the 4 characters) and more importantly, I can see myself wearing it many places.

What are you wearing to the premiere? Is it important for you to go stylish, or do you care less about the fashion as long as the plot is good?



Anonymous said...

Wait, what? I've got to wear a special outfit? *lol* Can't I just enjoy all the fashion on screen?

Beverly said...

so glad ur posting this i thought i was the only one that thinks about dressing up to the movie! show us an outfit of the day/night when you do go!