Friday, July 9, 2010

Friend Friday: Summer Travel

It's Friend Friday! This is part of a blogger group with Modly Chic. If you're a blogger that would like to participate, go to her blog for the details.

1. Are you going anywhere this summer that will require a suitcase?
Oh, how I wish. We were suppose to go to the Dominican at the end of this month, but finances are keeping us state side. I will eventually venture to Charlotte, the eastern shore, and NYC, but that's about it. Sad, I know. If you would like to contribute to my vacation funds, I'll gladly accept!
2. What are your 'must-pack' items?
Seeing how Charlotte is guaranteed to be hot, I will definitely pack my Mehron No Sweat Prep to try to keep the rolls of sweat at bay as much as possible, my L'Oreal HiP Color Presso in Chic, and some lashes.
3. When it comes to makeup how much of your collection do you pack? What do you take? What do you leave behind?
If I'm going away for a real vacation, I pack everything. When you're gone for 7+ nights at a time, you never know what look you're gonna want to wear from day to day, so I just take everything. For short trips I pack my favorite gloss at the moment, my favorite liquid foundation and moisturizer so I can make my own tinted moisturizer, mascara and/or lashes and bronzer!
4. Do you have any travel packing advice?
Honestly I love zip lock bags. If anything happens to uncap itself, there won't be a mess at the bottom of my suitcase. Nothing worse than getting pure pigments all over your gorgeous clothes!
5. What one item should every woman pack when going on a vacation?
Sunscreen lotion AND bronzer!



gritandglamour said...

I'm a total ziploc girl too. And I can vouch for Charlotte's heat, honey. It's been HOT! Happy travels!

♥ V