Thursday, July 15, 2010

Product Review: Model Model Human Hair Deep Bulk

Above is the curl pattern of the Model Model Human Hair Deep Bulk braiding hair. I saw it and fell inlove. Two weeks later, I'm completely out of love. In fact, this hair reminds me of a fly that keeps buzzing around my head and just won't die already!

How is it possible that I've only had this hair in for two weeks, and it's already napping up? The ends are dry and frizzled. I have to keep cutting away and dry little balls in the hair. Ugh. This is disgusting. I can already see that I will have to buy more hair and try again next month.

My advice? If you walk past this hair and fall inlove, please recognize it as a con artist and keep on walking. It's not worth your money at.all. I can promise you that.