Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Product Review: So She Cosmetics

I was super duper uber excited when new cosmetics company, So She Cosmetics, Inc., a company based in Chicago, IL, presented me with the opportunity to review their products! What a treat! Here's what they sent:

Velvet Veil - $15.00 - Velvet Veil is a super soft and light face primer. I was really impressed by the smooth texture of the product.  According to SSC you can use Velvet Veil on your boy and on your hair for extra shine and silkiness. Although I didn't try it on my hair I did try it on my face and I can promise this will be the next primer I buy. It contains Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Licorice.

Gold Lip Sparklette - $12.00 - The consistency of this gloss is really nice. It doesn't leave your lips feeling gritty or sticky. However, my one beef with this product is that you have to reapply constantly. When paying $12 for a gloss, I'm use to it staying on through me eating say, a piece of fruit. As soon as I finished eating my peach, the gloss was finished as well. For the price I would like to have some staying power. The color is a great everyday color though, and I can definitely see myself wearing it with any makeup I want to enhance with a gloss that has a sparkly gold tone to it.

Gold Candle Glow Bronzer - $11.50 - I really like this bronzer! The texture is so light it feels non-existent on the skin. It's not oily or heavy, just a great creamy texture. I truly did not think the color would go with my skin tone, but it did! It gives me a nice, subtle glow, not over-powering or heavy at all. I would definitely buy this product for my kit because I think my clients will love it.

Gold Bronze Eye Shadow - $12.00 - This loose shadow is a nice pigment, not too light, not especially heavy. I think my one gripe with it is you definitely should order samples before buying it. Depending on the lighting, this shadow came off really light gold for me, not bronzy gold. Also, although it's a pigment, so not oily at all, it kept migrating to my crease, so definitely wear a base under it. I'm also a little disappointed in the color selection. Most of them seem to have a bit of a frosty texture to them, and I am not a fan of frosty eye shadows. I look forward to So She Cosmetics coming out with new colors for me to try and play with. The verdict is still out on this one.

Overall I think So She Cosmetics is on to something really good. With a few tweaks they could have something really great! As the company grows and acquires new products I really believe people will naturally gravitate to their cosmetics.