Friday, September 4, 2009

It's a Spiritual Thing

I'm a very spiritual person. I have a profound belief and faith in Jesus. Our relationship is real deep and I believe there is no me without him. Lately, I've noticed that God hasn't been talking to me like he usually does. He's now speaking to me softly. Before, I could hear his voice inside, but now, I see what he does.

What do I mean by this? Well, I ask for peace, and he gives it to me. I ask for him to speak to me and he'll give me one word or line like "I'm giving you strength". Or I'll go to a prayer service at my church, like I did tnight, and I'll tell him that I notice he is softly, gently speaking to me, and that I just need to know that he is with me. I just need for him to confirm that he knows what's going on with me, that he hasn't left me. I'll start singing Because of Who You Are lowly, to myself and not even a minute later one of the music technicians all the way in the back will put on that exact song and I...I am amazed.

God speaks to us so sweetly, so softly sometimes. It was hard when I wanted him to come in like a storm, speak to me strongly, no denying his presence, but this experience tonight has made his sweet, soft speaking completely ok.

I'm not doing so great with the spiritual part of the challenge - the whole reading the bible part? However, this, this experience I had at prayer service tonight makes me want to give God more than what I have been giving.

Have you prayed for somebody today?