Sunday, December 20, 2009

Do You Glide?

As I've mentioned before, I officially have natural hair. No more creamy crack for me. While I love being natural, it is not always easy. I wear a lacefront wig more often than I'd like, mainly because I can't get my hair styled right. Right now my natural hair is shooorrrttt when curly. Too short for my liking, so I opt not to wear it out curly unless I'm spending a weekend in the house. When it gets to APL curly, then and only then will I wear it out without straightening it. However, straightening as been quite the hurdle. My curls are tightly coiled so no matter what I seem to do, I can't untangle my hair super easily. Moisturizing it while it air dries every hour has certainly helped, but it's still no real solution. Then there's the straightening. I hate hate hate that burnt hair smell I get when I straighten my hair with a flat iron or an electric straightening comb. It makes me feel like I'm frying my hair, and I probably am! So, I quit. I just settled for wearing my lacefront wigs. At least they're cute and allow me to leave the house looking presentable.

Little did I know, there was a miracle on the market. The ladies in my sistagirl group were squealing with excitement over something called a maxiglide, and as I started seeing result after beautiful result, I became curious. Ok, ok, ok, what the heck is a maxiglide and why should I buy it?

Maxiglide is a straightening iron that has pins for detangling, and uses steam to smooth your hair while you glide down to straighten your hair. Hmm, ok, but I was still a little skeptical. I mean, sure enough, I've never tried a straightening device that uses steam, but eh, we'll see. So when asked what I wanted for my birthday, I asked for a maxiglide of course!

During our nice little snow storm Saturday I decided to give the maxiglide a go. I shampooed and conditioned my hair, and then used the products that came with the maxiglide. I heard wonderful things abut them, and I'm a product whore, so I'll bite. Let me just tell you I did NOT like the Beyond Straight product! It made my curls a crunchy, weird mess. Ugh. For me, it was just say no. However, my hair could NOT get enough of The End! It made my hair feel so smooth and look so shiny, yet weightless! I got the handle of the maxiglide in no time, and it only took me 90 minutes to straighten my hair as oppose to the 3hrs it usually takes. I know the second time I use it I will have it down in 1hr. Exciting! Maxiglide took my hair from this

to this This is the best product E V E R!!! Run out and go get it right now! Actually, you can stay in an get it. They have it on for $79.95. That includes the MAXIglide MP Straightening Iron, Miniglide styler, Maxesse Moisturizing Shampoo, Maxesse Tri-Protein Moisturizing Conditioner, Beyond Straight Temporary Straightener, The END Silicone Shine Enhancer, a Detangling Brush, 2 Maxius Travel Cases, and the Instructional DVD. Trust me, it's worth it!



olivia_v81 said...

That looks gorgeous! It took me forever to find a good one like that - I know how frustrating it can be. For me the Karmin Titanium straightening iron really does the trick, and it's so good for my hair - it feels soft, smooth and really locks in hair moisture, which is a big plus.

Reina said...

Thanks Olivia! I will have to check out the Karmin Titanium whenever my maxiglide breaks lol. I love this thigns o much, I have no need for anything else! The maxiglide locks in moisture as well, hence the steam. My husband can't stop running his fingers through my hair!