Friday, December 11, 2009

Two Reasons Why I Love Craigslist

As we all know I just finished having my poorest year ever. Even in the midst of that, while my husband was concerned with making sure the rent was paid, I was here looking at our house in deep despair because I couldn't decorate. Our living room is mixed matched and our dining room table was a folding table, le sigh. I vowed that as soon as I got a little bit of money, I was going to start decorating this place. Well, I still don't have that money, but I went browsing around craigslist anyway, and I ran into this ad:

Dinette Set - $25 (Washington D.C.)

Date: 2009-12-05, 10:30PM EST
Reply to:

This is a cute dinette set, perfect for students/someone furnishing an apartment on a budget.
It is particleboard, Not real wood. And, there is a piece of veneer chipped off one side (i can send another picture showing), thus the $25.00 price.
Round table and four chairs.

I said what the heck! We just need something decent to eat on for christmas, so why not? So I replied to the ad and picked up the table on Thursday. I love it! Of course it's not my dream table, but for $25 it's not bad at all!

Tadaa! There it is. Not bad right? You can't even tell where the chip is! Oh, and those flowers? Surprise from hubby on Wednesday night. God I love that man!

And the second reason I love Craigslist? You can find some of the most invaluable, loving, change your life things on there, like a Pepper:

That is my precious, precious baby boy (yes, I know he's a cat, but he's MY child). I adopted him from someone on craigslist 5 years ago. He'll be 6 years old on Saturday. He's the greatest kitty in ze world!

I encourage everyone to go peruse craigslist to see what goodies they can find. Just don't go picking up a gift that keeps on a prostitute in the want ads w/ an STD...*shudders*