Saturday, November 21, 2009

So I saw New Moon...

and I loved it! That's huge considering I thought Twilight pretty much sucked. The only reason I keep watching it is because I loved the book so much that I'll watch a piece of crap movie just to get a little feel of what the book gave me. I went to the midnight showing over in Cleveland Park at this movie theatre I'd never been to before. Its screen is HUGE!!!! Old school seating, but IMAX size screen. It's pretty cool.

The second picture is the view from the balcony. The screen actually goes out even further than that. Anywho...

I felt like such a teenage goober! Not only did I rush there to get in line early (I got there at 10:24 to be exact), but I even grinned and bared it when it started to pour! Thank God these two sweet ladies in front of me invited me to share their huge umbrella. Very kind of them. Can I just tell you all how I felt like such a pedophile watching New Moon? I mean, I thought Jacob was cute before because he is an adorable little boy, but honey? Huuunnnneeeeyyyyy! When that boy chopped off his hair and got all buff??? Lawd Jesus save my soul. Whew! I was suddenly all "Heeeeyyyyyy Jacob, how YOU doin???". Craziness. Whew, moving along...

I thought the acting in this movie was much much MUCH better than it was in Twilight. Everyone seemed more comfortable in their roles, like they really understood who their character was, and who their character was in relation to the other characters in the movie. Even the makeup and hair in this movie was a heck of a lot better! Well, except Jasper. His hair was a bit of a mess. I have no clue what they did to it or why, but can we just say yuck?

I still think the books are 10x better than the movies, but this movie made up for the hugely flawed Twilight. The one gripe I had, besides Jaspers flawed hair of course, was the flawed Edward! I LOVE Edward, and always will (team Edward All.The.Way.), but... why does Edward sound totally hard and ripped in the book only to be scrawny and sickly looking the movie? While Edward isn't suppose to be as big as Jacob, he is suppose to be a little more ripped. I would hope to see a more solid, sexy Edward in the next installment, Eclipse, but I know they are already filming and I've seen Robert Pattinson...he's not ripped...le sigh.

I give New Moon (3.5 smileys lol) out of 5. Not bad. Not bad at all.